Dreamy Days Necklace

Nan Marshall


Nan Marshall Designs
Viroqua, WI, United States

2-3/4" W x 2-1/4" H

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Photo credit: Nan Marshall

Art is a conversation. Jewelry provides an opportunity for people to engage in a conversation with the world. Expressing your unique personality through one-of-a kind, handmade art connects you intimately to a creative force.
For me, art occurs at the point where different materials come together to create unexpected textures. The life of the object happens at the connection between materials or even within them as smooth gives way to rough, soft meets hard, and straight takes an unexpected turn. Color only allows this contrast more fully to emerge, either as a subtle counterpoint in the background or in a full, orchestral blast. Where these exciting transitions occur, conversations begin.
This necklace shows my love of texture as well as whimsy. It definitely is a conversation starter and shows the character of the person wearing it. It indicates the person is interested in living vividly!

I am a jewelry artist who lives in a small, rural town in Wisconsin. I have a small studio outside my home that has become my sanctuary away from the real world. Time slows when I'm creating my pieces. When not making jewelry, I work for a nonprofit environmental organization working to keep our local waters clean. And, I love to travel!

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