Drifting: On Solid Ground

Anne Wolf


Anneville Studio
San Diego, CA, United States

6.5" x 6.5" x 2.5"

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Photo credit: Anne Wolf

It is important to me to create my work with the traditional hand tools that allow me time to see the work as it progresses, to focus in on the small details. This process to me is a meditation, but also a form of connection to the planet, to nature, to time. Every shape I create, every hour I spend sanding or hammering the metal is just a humble imitation of what nature does every day. The metal technique of mokume gane is especially meaningful in this regard – as I pattern the metal, my tools are imitating the geologic processes of our earth. My chisel is the river, carving through the rock. My hammer is metamorphosis, compressing and deforming. My stamp tool is uplift. My file is erosion, making the patterns visible like the layers of rock in the grand canyon. With every piece I create and every interaction I have with a client or student, I hope to show by example the remaining importance of craft, as a connection to our earth and a way to pay tribute to nature.

I have been working in metals since 1991 (MFA from San Diego State University). I fuse my own mokume gane, using pattering techniques that range from chiseling to stamping and twisting, drawing inspiration from the complex patterns and texture found in nature. I teach workshops, and create custom wedding rings and vessels.

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