Earrings, Sorrel Van Allen; Pendant, Pamela Ritchie

Lisa A. Pai


L. A. Pai Gallery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Winner of the 2017 Governor General’s Saidye Bronfman Award, Pamela Ritchie’s work celebrates the concentrating effect of detail, and the paradox that an abundance of ideas, form, and pattern can be encapsulated in very small objects. She was strongly influenced by time spent in Oslo and Telemark researching the traditional Norwegian filigree jewellery called Bunadsylv, a complicated and decorative technique employing fine wires and fine granules.

Flora Earrings
Winner of the 17th Annual National Student Jewellery Competition at the L. A. Pai Gallery in 2020, Sorrel Van Allen uses botany as inspiration for her geometric jewellery and object designs. Each piece is carefully hand pierced into thin sheet metal and then bent and overlapped, in a similar method to origami, to create unique hollow forms. Patina and surface decoration, in the form of bright pigments, Keum-Boo (attached gold) or subtle oxidizations accentuate the simple elegance found in these repetitive forms.

L. A. Pai Gallery, run by Lisa A. Pai for twenty-two years, focuses on jewellery and sculpture from across the country, including the far north. Strong emerging artists are introduced alongside established artists. L. A. Pai Gallery works with international clients and collectors from the heart of Canada's capital.

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