Eclipse Brooch

Linda J Shea


Linda J Shea Design
Delta, BC, Canada

1.75 X 1.25 X .25 inches

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I began to explore jewelry making in 2010 and graduated from the Jewelry Design Program at Lasalle College in 2017. I have a studio at my home and my work is primarily marketed locally. Inspired by the textures and colours found in nature, this piece evolved from fusing crinkled layers of silver to a silver base which was then cut and formed before final details were added. I applied some 14k gold elements and framed the broach in brass wire. The pearl symbolizes our radiant sun partially encircled by a disappearing moon.
As a piece evolves, I feel a connection to the materials which helps to guide me to a final outcome. I hope my jewellery gives as much pleasure to the customer as it did to me during the creative process.

I have always been fascinated by rocks, minerals, and nature and began making jewelry in 2010. I graduated from the Jewellery Design Program at Lasalle College in 2017. My jewelry celebrates organic textures and clean lines, produced using manipulation, fusing, and soldering. I strive to incorporate colour, movement, reflection, and surprise.

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