El Beso

Carolina Iwanow


Carolina Iwanow Jewelry
Brooklyn, NY, United States

2 x 24 inches

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Photo credit: Carolina Iwanow

This Neck Piece – El Beso – is part of a one of a kind series I made for my solo exhibition “Love” inspired in the best description of a Kiss I’ve ever read in my life by the master magic of one of the most incredible Argentinian writers of all times Julio Cortazar.
Rayuela is a kids game ( Hopscotch) and it is also the name of this wonderful book. The description of the Kiss is founded on the Chapter 7.
I made jewelry, a song, illustrations, paintings on silk an art Instalation displays for – Love – my solo exhibition inspired on it.
This piece is all hand fabricated in sterling silver, cold enamels, sharpie, clear resin and Swarovski components. I describe the kiss with my illustrations and I use the necklace to tell the story on how a kiss and falling in love feels for me inspired in the Chapter 7 of Rayuela.

Love, Alchemy, Magic, Music, Spirituality, Meaning, Talismans, Tales, Symbols, Mother Nature, The Mineral Kingdom, Arquitecture, Ancient Cultures, Story Telling, Memories, Sacred Geometry, Fashion, Arts, Philosophy, Science , Science Fiction, Positivity and Humor are her forever inspirations. One of her goals in life is keeping this craft alive.

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