Stephen Yusko


Stephen Yusko Studios
Cleveland, OH, United States

12.25" x 14.75" x 7"

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Photo credit: Stephen Yusko

I am intrigued by the structure of things. The visual vocabulary of architectural elements, agricultural implements and industrial processes tells a story. The shapes, textures and connections of the materials I use are part of that story. My work expands on this visual vocabulary by exploring themes of balance and motion, distance and perspective and the concept of home. Vessels become sanctuaries, where observations, ideas and experiences are kept. House and cathedral forms are metaphors for us, on a journey or staying put, questioning where is ‘here’ and what is ‘home.’

Stephen Yusko creates sculpture, furniture, vessels, jewelry and public art in his Cleveland, OH studio using mixed material combined with forged, machined and fabricated steel. Yusko has taught at several schools and universities, including Haystack School of Crafts (ME), Penland School of Crafts (NC), and SUNY Purchase. He has exhibited his work widely including the Metal Museum (TN) and the Ruthin Craft Centre (Wales, UK) and has received three Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Excellence Awards and a Cuyahoga County Creative Workforce Fellowship Award.

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