Elliptical Necklace with Rocks

Lisa Vershbow


Lisa Vershbow Jewelry
Philadelphia, PA, United States

46" long x 1" wide

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Photo credit: Gregory Vershbow

This necklace is fabricated using cold connections. It is made of anodized aluminum, photo-printed aluminum, beads and stainless steel wire. The necklace is one long piece, with no clasp, and slips over the head. There is no top or bottom, the aluminum shapes and beads slip back and forth on the elliptical wire shapes as the wearer decides how to place the necklace on their chest. The light and airy nature of the materials make it feel that the necklace is floating around the neck.

The use of photo-printed aluminum is the result of a news series made in partnership with my photographer son, a professional artist in his own right. He (Gregory Vershbow) provides the aluminum with the images printed on the surface for me to cut into shapes and incorporate into my work. In this necklace the image of rocks is a nice counterbalance, almost comical, to the light feeling of the necklace.

I spent many years abroad with my diplomat husband which had a profound impact on my work and designs. Especially the years in Russia and Korea. When not abroad I worked in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. I'm now in Philadelphia where I have a studio and am selling my work through my website.

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