Stephanie Maslow Blackman


New York, NY, United States

17 x 17mm

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Photo credit: Jens Look

There are a few definitions in the dictionary for Link that inspire me:
Link (noun)
A connecting structure such as a single ring or division of a chain
1) Bond
2) Unit in a communication system
3) To become connected
The Enchaînted Collection is inspired by the unseen bonds that we have with each other. And not just friends and family– but also with the human race as a whole. The bonds we have, whether intentional or not, are extraordinary.

Stephanie’s training began in 1995 and includes national workshops and classes from many industry leaders. She has a love of both science and art which she skillfully combines in her technically detailed work. Always a dreamer, Stephanie’s work reflects the beauty and brightness that lies within the hopeful nature of the heart.

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