“Entangle” bracelet

Valerie Mitchell


Los Angeles, CA, United States

4.5 x 4.5 x1.5”

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Photo credit: Valerie Mitchelll

This bracelet is part of the Force of Nature series, the unseen and structural natural elements that occur in environmental and climate changes. Wind, fire and erosion are part of the structure. It also relates to my collide series in how unlikely things come together. Vitreous enamel on copper, silver, powder coat. Movement creates collection, creates volume. A bit like life.

Work is inspired by forces of nature, environmental changes and structure of the unseen effects. A long time artist, metalsmith and instructor with studios in Arts District Los Angeles and high desert, work involves metal, enamel, electro forming in one of a kind art jewelry and larger sculpture. A limited edition botanic collection continues.

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