Environment Vessel #6: Paradise Lost

Harlan W. Butt


Denton, TX, United States

10 x 6 x 6 inches

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Photo credit: Harlan W. Butt

As an artist working in metal and enamel and writing haiku poetry, I have formed vessels which reflect themes, colors, textures and the beauty, severity and mystery of the natural world. The Earth, its plants and animals, geography, and landscape, inspire me to create and to try to convey some of the emotional response to being present in wilderness.

My Extinction Series focuses on the erosion of diversity in the natural world due mostly to humanities urge to thrive at the expense of all else and a misunderstanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Pollution, habitat loss, the introduction of invasive species and unregulated hunting and fishing have been issues that concern me and which I have attempted to comment on in my artwork.

Harlan W. Butt is an artist with over 40 years of experience working in metal and enamel. He is past President of the Enamelist Society, past President of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, Fellow of the American Crafts Council and a member of the Society of American Silversmiths. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of North Texas.

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