Epaulettes No. 01

Laura deLeon


L M deLeon
El Cerrito, CA, United States

4 3/4" x 2 1/4" each pin with a 22" crochet cord between

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Photo credit: L M deLeon

Color Bound: born of a lengthy, notoriously unpredictable Bay Area commute, leaving me frequently in bumper to bumper traffic. Bored & scanning the stuff accumulated in the medians of the freeway, a rainbow of neatly bundled telecommunication wire in a triangle patch of a merged median caught my eye. Rather than lane hop to grab the mass, I instead pass it by for a few days before finally, after observing the heap transform from a neat bundle to a tangled mess, I pull over to rescue it. I then spent several evenings meticulously untangling the mass, lest the quality of the plastic coating deteriorate further, separating each wire then bundling by color. I felt unsure of how to incorporate the colorful wire into my work. At the time I was making framed shapes in copper wire into which I’d crochet lace-like designs. Realizing this framework works for wrapping wire, I gravitated towards sculptural and geometric forms complimenting the bold colors & combining with traditional fiber craft.

I’m a queerdo who is currently residing in the SF Bay Area, living my best life dancing in the liminal space between dichotomies. I immediately fell in love with hammering metals the fateful semester I started Jewelry/Small Scale Metalsmithing class with Dawn Nakanishi in 1998 and I now have home studio in which I explore adornment and jewelry

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