Everlasting Love Double Pendants

Yuna (Lei) Zhang


Yuna Zhang Art Creative
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1 x 2.375 x 1.375 inches

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Photo credit: artist

I designed a Child and Mother container necklace. I designed this shape inspired by bamboo. If you take off the bamboo shoot from the container, the bamboo shoot is also a necklace pendant. The lower part can be used to store the necklace chain, which can be connected to the bamboo shoot pendant. Since some ancient Chinese paintings often use the colour Green Garnet to make painting pigments, I choose to use this colour of the stone. This makes my overall design more Chinese style. When people see my design, they can think of the characteristics of Chinese culture. In addition, my bamboo and bamboo shoot design also represents the real mother-child relationship, which means the parents’ heart to protect their children.

Yuna is a third-year student of OCADU. she is exploring integrating traditional culture into contemporary jewellery design. Mainly employ Chinese culture and art in her designs. Personal narratives and experiences also play a significant role in the inspiration behind her pieces. Let the wearer and viewer feel the back story of the jewellery.

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