Expect Rain

Maria Camera-Smith


West Palm Beach, FL, United States

4.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: artist

I rely on jewelry formats as systems with which I analyze my environment. The historical, cultural threads that persist through jewelry allow me to place things into a context that can be both expressive and introspective. Much of my work pulls from nature and humankind’s relationship with it. This brooch, titled “Expect Rain,” was created as a reminder of balance. While we can look to spider webs to forecast stormy weather, the rain will nourish that which heals us. The gale-of-the-wind details are talismans of this sentiment. I craft art jewelry pieces to enable myself to process the exotic-to-me, southern Floridian landscape that I currently find myself in, while also digging into the roots of who I am as a maker.

Maria Camera-Smith is a metalsmith, enamelist, and jeweler whose work focuses on humankind’s relationship with its environment. Camera-Smith is the current Artist in Residence in Jewelry & Metalsmithing at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL where she also teaches various classes. She is a member of Allegheny Metals Collective and SNAG.

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