Eye Roll Necklace

Amanda Bergman


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

16 x 3 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: Photo by Artist

My jewelry can represent one person’s combination of movements: a dropped shoulder, an open mouth, a neck tilted right, or even a dialogue between two people. The Eye Roll Necklace specifically represents a very annoyed and exasperated expression. Many of my illustrations are enlarged and manipulated directly from my sketchbook to metal in order to create wearable contemporary jewelry that always leads back to referencing the human form.

My recordings and illustrations are inspired by my life-long experience and fluency in American Sign Language and Deaf culture. My bilingual family spoke ASL and English in the home. My work celebrates the Deaf spectrum and acts as a bridge for the hearing/non-deaf to gain access and understanding to the beautiful world of Deaf culture. As a hearing person myself, I try my best to fight ableism and audism along the way. In short, be a good human. Learn ASL.

Bergman's jewelry is created by adapting the traditional enameling techniques to the industrial powder coat system. Her colorful, illustrative work celebrates non-verbal communication and the Deaf spectrum. Bergman was chosen as an emerging artist for NYCJW and the Craft Council of British Columbia in 2021. Her MFA is from BGSU and BFA from BSU.

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