Barry Wechsler


ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio
Yorktown Heights, NY, United States

6.5 diameter x 5" high

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Photo credit: Barry Wechsler

For me, there is an initial lure of pattern, followed by the joys of color and texture. By tuning into nature, I perceive resonant forms: circles, lines, cylinders, planes, etc. This perception calls for the touch of craft and the rhythm of hand – the call to “create”. I invoke the malleable integrity of metal and the delicate certainty of glass. The result is a vessel – decorative and celebratory – which I offer up to others. The vessels are, ultimately, a dance with nature and a concentration of energies. I see each vessel as a unique form with unique lines; these serve as a physical matrix within which the luminosity of the enamel glass “cells” and the luster of the surrounding metal “reserve” emanate synchronously. Meditation on these four aspects of the vessel – structure, line, glass and substrate – flows into an awareness of possibilities and potentials. This is, actually, a celebration of our unique and individual human lights, colors, transparencies and mysteries.

ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio, located in Yorktown NY, is open by appointment to the design trade and decorative object collectors. Our handwrought heavy gauge copper vessels feature champleve (a method of kiln fired glass inlay) and basse-taille (a method of kiln fired glass overlay). They present a subtle balance of vivid glass and lustrous metal.

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