Fan Crown

Jordan Scott


Oak Point, TX, United States

6.75 x 7.5 x 8

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Photo credit: Jordan Scott

My work is rooted in process and inspired by the natural environment. My current work is an exploration of form and technique through an imagined mythology of the ocean. Each piece of jewelry in this series is designed to be worn by an imagined ocean steward, and the design reflects a particular region of the ocean. The forms and shapes of this series are inspired by the various flora, fauna, and phenomena found within each of the represented ocean environments.
I am excited by the beauty I see in diverse ecosystems around the world, especially in the wide array of aquatic and ocean environments. Through my work I hope to inspire in others the same sense of beauty and wonder that I feel and help foster a desire to take better care of the natural world.

Jordan Patrice Scott is a metalsmith located in North Texas who specializes in silver and copper jewelry. Scott completed her BFA in 2015 from Oklahoma State University, focusing on jewelry and sculpture. Scott is a graduate student at the University of North Texas studying Metalsmithing & Jewelry, where she also teaches Beginning Metalsmithing.

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