Fantastical Blooms 2

Lisa Dienst-Thomas


Lisa's Pieces
Batavia, IL, United States

3" x 3" x 1 1/2"

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Photo credit: Self

Orange and Pink Brooch/Necklace

My Art Jewelry has always been about texture, metal and mixed media. My favorite tool is my jewelers saw; sawing requires great focus and never fails to bring me to my Zen state. I am inspired by architecture, nature, texture and color. I add color to my metal using fused glass, enamel, conventional gems, found objects, acrylic and now 3D printed pieces. I love unusual materials and new techniques. I endeavor to create statement pieces that are sometimes industrial, sometimes otherworldly, often quirky but always unique. I am currently learning, utilizing and integrating 3D modeling work with my traditional metalsmithing techniques in order to create limited production art jewelry pieces. Creating my own 3D printed work frees me from hunting down “just the right part” and enables me to bring to life that which is in my mind.

My current Art Jewelry line is called Fantastical Blooms; the pieces are a mix of traditional metalsmithing layered with 3D printed components designed by me. The use of CAD programming allows me to create larger components that are lighter weight. Hand dying the 3D nylon layers allows me to create my own unique color combinations.

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