Father Sky & Mother Earth

Dr. Mekah Gordon


MEKAH/Gold & Silversmith Studio & Educational Center
Santa Fe, NM, United States

1" x 1" x 1"

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Photo credit: Mekah Gordon

The ring I’m submitting was born out of my birth stone, which is Amethyst.
It was hand carved numerous years ago, and I decided to create a piece using sterling silver and 14KYG.

All my work is One-of-a-Kind, as all my designs and creations.
“The only limitation is your imagination.”
I’ve pierced the base symbolizing a tree, whereby light comes through to illuminate the outline.

I live in the southwest, and soldered on 14KYG granulation at each of the four corners, representing the direction of where life takes us, North, South, East, and West.
The “Sun” symbol, represented by the Amethyst, is celebrated as part of ancient Native American Culture.
The decorative embellishment added to the design surrounding the bezel, symbolizes the precious rain that is the mainstay of all life.

My beliefs, consist mainly from the foundation of the ‘Old Ways’:
Father Sky and Mother Earth.

I'm a Gold & Silversmith for over 50 years. I was an Art Educator in New York for 35 years, at the High School level. In addition, I taught as a Professor of Metalsmithing for 17 years for Westchester Community College. I had owned my own Art Gallery in Santa Fe, for 6 years (2010-2016). Currently, teach G&SS in my 800 Sq.' studio in Santa Fe.

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