Finger ring

Anna Nava-Liess


Anna Nava Handcrafted Jewelry
Woodbridge, VA, United States

2.3" x .7" x 1.2"

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Photo credit: Tony Ventouris, Light Photo Studio

Inspiration comes from so many places and is truly ever-evolving. 10 Timeless Fashion Pieces Every Woman Should Own (a list by Mary Johnson) has been the inspiration for several pieces I’ve created for the past three years. So far, I’ve covered 4 items on the list. My goal for this collection is to create strong, often large metallic statement pieces, with delicate, details. The challenge has been to 1. understand elements of a given timeless fashion piece 2. interpret the elements then 3. create artistic yet wearable pieces that test my skills as well force me to grow as a person and an artist.
The Groovy Shoe is a wearable ring. The straps are the shank. Created to wear sole-side-up, it’s overall unexpected. Made of sterling silver it features my own etched graphic prints. A 3mm purple amethyst set in the underside of the hollow “heel”, and a 2.5mm ruby set in 18k yellow add pops of vibrant color.

I use metals and gemstones to make jewelry that combines classic silhouettes with modern, delicate, thoughtful details--often incorporating the chemical etching of my own graphic prints. My one-of-a-kind pieces reflect my strong belief in the joy and power in owning and celebrating one’s individuality.

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