Fish Servers

Wendy Yothers


Wendy Yothers
Garfield, New Jersey, United States

Fork 9x2x1/8" Spoon 7x1.25x1/8" Knife 9.25x1.75x1/8" Spatula 10.75x3.5x1/8"

Photo credit: Richard Duane

I created these serving pieces to evoke images of fish and fishing in the imagination. Working in restoration and teaching has led me to research historic forms of flatware. I am particularly intrigued by the moment in the 19th century when flatware acquired an American voice. The discovery of the Comstock Lode made silver a plentiful, viable means for artistic expression–especially in dining. All of the sudden Tiffany and Gorham soup tureens had buffalo feet instead of Neo Classical pediments. Young girls were given silver knives, forks and spoons at birthdays and holidays–to assure they would have a complete set when they married.
The role of silver flatware has changed drastically since then, but there is still room for whimsy in serving pieces. The skate fish spatula in my set is rippling as it swims away. The knife looks like it is cutting through water. The fork is a trident. The little fish is modeled after one I saw on a plate in Hawaii.

Wendy Yothers is a silversmith, educated in Finland and Denmark. Her professional practice spans the hollowware industry, teaching, and her own art. Her work resides in the Victoria & Albert, Museum of the City of New York, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Newark Museum, and private collections.

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