Flower Power

Angela Caldwell


Bloomington, IN, United States

4' x 4" x .25"

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Photo credit: Angela Caldwell

This body of work represents a nod to tradition in pattern and shape while also reflecting a modern voice by way of material investigation and use. Harking back to hand made quilts and doilies, Angela Caldwell gives honor to the unrecognized women before her who were makers and artists. By combining recognizable imagery with contemporary materials, the artist seeks to look back while also placing herself in the times in which she lives. This work is a step forward in her ongoing examination of the work women make.

Angela Caldwell is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, Indiana University, Bloomington. She focuses on the intersection of imagined memory, traditional female craft and her modern approach to making. Her work has been exhibited internationally, at Arrowmont, Baltimore Jewelry Center, and in Metalsmith Magazine.

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