Folia and Arrow Earrings and Necklace

Liz Stefany


Carrabassett Valley Jewelry
Carrabassett Valley, ME, United States

1.25" h x .5" w

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Photo credit: Liz Stefany

I strive to help people give new life to old jewelry that isn’t worn anymore and this customer chose to use my Folia fringe-style earring design and sketched the arrow pendant using the leaflets from my leaf-style Folia design as the feathers. Now her old wedding set has been reborn, reusing the diamonds and yogo sapphires in the original wedding and engagement rings. The engagement ring stones were used in the pendant and the wedding ring stones were sprinkled over the earrings. I created a new 14k palladium white gold alloy using palladium from her wedding ring and 18k white gold from the engagement ring. This new alloy was used to fabricate all parts of this set. The 14k yellow gold settings were made from a pair of worn-out earwires from the same customer.

I love designing and creating jewelry that provides a sense of connection and has depth and meaning, with designs that are a mix of symbolism and realism and often have themes of nature and outdoor activities. I strive to make jewelry that is easy to wear on a daily basis and is complementary to many different occasions.

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