Forbidden Love

Sarah Baird


Athens, GA, United States

1.1x1x0.25 inches

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My name is Sarah Baird and I love to incorporate playfulness and maybe a bit of comedy into my art. My works crave to contain stories and this piece holds one dear to me. The cast silver is made from a plaster mold I made of an old button that I found in a jar full of different buttons. The attraction I had towards this particular one was that it resembled a mushroom which I love the aesthetic of mushrooms, but sadly I am allergic to them—forbidden love. My love for the mushroom is the pink zirconia. It peeks through desperately wanting to be a part of the piece, but it just stands out from the dull silver. It is ok that the stone stands out because that is what makes the piece whole.

My name is Sarah Baird and I am a senior undergraduate student at the University of Georgia studying jewelry/metalworking. I like to work with stones, enamel, and silver in most of my pieces. My passion is to blend everyday stories into works of art.

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