Jessica McCann


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

29 x 29.5 x 3.5 inches

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Photo credit: Amy Wickman

My jewelry works serve to bring awareness to society about mental health disorders and its impact on those affected. I strive to help others who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression to become empowered to express themselves and to know that they are not alone in this battle.

Through a labour intensive metal fabrication process and with the intentional choice of nickel and aluminum, my body of work creates an intimate dialogue between the wearer and the art. Each piece is physically and conceptually restrictive, communicating the feeling of suffocation and entrapment, while at the same time, incorporating the beauty and fragility found in butterflies. The movement of the butterflies emphasizes the desire to escape from unwanted feelings.

Jessica Jing McCann is currently a sophomore at Seton Hill University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. She was named a 2021 National YoungArts Finalist in Design Arts. She has won numerous national and regional awards from Scholastic Art & Writing. Her artworks were selected for the 2021 AP Art and Design Digital Exhibit.

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