Sue Muir


FLO Design Co.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

8 x 3 x .078

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Photo credit: Sue Muir

FREEflo is a body if work that resulted from exploring the relationship between fire and metal. Not all metals are created equal. In this situation I was curious about the characteristics of a low fire metal, pewter (lead free). Steeped in history, traditionally pewter was employed for tablewares and decorative items. Function superseded fashion.

Curiosity guided me find the balance between the strength of the metal vs the force of the flame. Too much fire could destroy, too little could be insignificant. Each outcome is absolutely one of a kind. While you can contain fire, you cannot have 100% control over its innate power.

FLO Design Co. Is a small boutique jewelry studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing inspiration from shapes and movements in nature, creations are both modern and organic. As a former photographer, I allow my instincts and curiosity to guide the design process. I call this “following the flo”.

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