Fringey Chain

Susanne Henry


Chicago, IL, United States

36" linear length plus 3" fringe at bottom

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Photo credit: Jocelyn Negron

The long Fringey chain necklace evolved from an intention to incorporate disruption and irregularity into the pattern of a chain. When designing an asymmetrical work, creating balance amongst the elements of the composition is the greatest challenge. The band ring element is borrowed from my Paperchain series and incorporated at a smaller scale. There are various clusters of fringe that range in length and fullness, culminating in a long thin cluster at bottom and a short full fringe at the neck.

This is part of an ongoing series, exploring chain in steel and gold. Pieces are made from both sheet and wire. Nothing is left in its original material shape – every link is formed and, in the case of the wire, forged as well. This adds dimension, fluidity and flow to the final form. The black finish imbues a fierce quality to the final piece. The work conveys the intention of strength along with beauty. 24k gold is applied to add contrast, highlights, and emotional luxury to the final work.

Susanne is a jewelry artist/metalsmith in Chicago. She holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She works in steel, exploring structure, form, scale, movement and technique. She has exhibited in many shows, including MAD About Jewelry in 2021. She was featured in the article Coming of Age in Metalsmith Magazine in 2020.

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