Garden Reflections: Rain Forest

Paulette Myers


Paulette Myers Metalsmith
Maryville, IL, United States

7 x 10 x 10 inches

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Photo credit: Paulette Myers

As a Metalsmith, my work deals with the passage of time. Using the imagery of transport, passage or renewal, it becomes a metaphor for navigating life. In this sculptural vessel, that journey is illuminated by sterling silver, pearls, nickel silver, Prismacolor, and Plexiglass. With the fragility of life, this form is created in a medium that infers its indestructibility and timelessness.

Paulette Myers, Prof. Emeritus SIUE, prolific maker, innovator, educator/workshops, int’l exhibitions. Continues research in reticulation; & perforation that she discovered & developed. Published in: Lark Books, Schiffer, SNAG tech papers; & featured in “Modern Masters Series”: HGTV titled: “Women in the Arts”: Hollowware large scale Reticulation.

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