Geometric Geode Neckpiece

Patricia Madeja


West Islip, NY, United States

15" L x .75" W x .6" D

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Photo credit: Kronus Studio

Inspiration for my wearable works are derived predominately from geometric forms and architectural structures with gemstones often being the catalyst for the design. The elements of symmetry, balance and proportion, in combination with minimally ornamented forms is the essence of my aesthetic. Movement plays an integral role in each three-dimensional construction.

Geometric Geode Neckpiece if cast and fabricated in 18k gold and lemon citrine gemstones. The gems spin within each individually hinged frame. The clasp is built into the design creating a continuous flow. A high polish and artist signature completes this playfully elegant design.

Patricia Madeja - studio jeweler and educator. Madeja designs and fabricates uniquely engineered, limited-edition pieces inspired by geometry and architectural structures. As BFA Jewelry Program Coordinator at Pratt Institute, she has crafted a curriculum that provides future jewelers with a grounding in theory, studio, and professional practice.

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