Golden Botrus Teapot

Genevieve Flynn


Genevieve Flynn Studio
Kansas City, MO, United States

4.25” x 4 x 4.50”

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Photo credit: Terry Weckbaugh

When designing this teapot I drew inspiration from my childhood adventures from a local gem and mineral shop. I was drawn to a strange mineral smithsonite that had “botryoidal” formations. These bumps were were what inspired the bumps on the surface of the teapot. The body of the vessel was hand raised and then an ancient metals technique called repoussè created the bumps. A handle of Pau rosewood was turned to create it as well as the finial. After a high polish the surface of bumps were covered with 24k yellow gold leaf.

Genevieve has been involved in the jewelry/metals industry for over 45 years. Designing and creating fine, silver heirloom objects of art and passing along her knowledge gleaned throughout her career to budding silversmiths by offering workshops in her intimate home studio

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