Golden Divide

Cynthia Eid


Cynthia Eid
Lexington, MA, United States

2.5 x 1.75 x .25 inches

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Photo credit: Cynthia Eid

My work is process-driven. I am especially drawn to the way that the stiff flat metal that I start with becomes soft and fluid-looking. I get a kick out of the paradox that the soft, fluid forms look effortless, yet take quite an effort to achieve. On this piece, the metal flows like fabric. The golden streak across the middle makes me think of hope amidst the pandemic.

Whether using hammers or a hydraulic press, Cynthia’s sculptural jewelry and hollowware shows her focus on exploring the fluidity with which metal can be formed and joined. Cynthia co-authored the book Creative Metal Forming with Betty Helen Longhi. Eid has been recognized as a Pioneer by Argentium International Ltd.

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