Gone Too Soon

Newell Catania


Philadelphia, PA, United States

2 x 3 x 3 inches

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Photo credit: Newell Catania

My practice merges loud materials with ornate processes to reveal the connective qualities of nostalgia and excitement sparked by collective childhood experiences. I use imagery relevant to childhood, stimulating the memory of each viewer and highlighting the joy of nostalgia. Creating work that honors our pasts provides respite from deeply painful moments that many have experienced in our youth. My practice is built on wearable art and its ability to enhance self-expression and esteem. These pieces are loud and bright, made of faux furs, sequins, beads, and lots of pink. I enjoy mixing these materials with high polished metals to create reverence for fond memories. The marriage of kitsch and fine metals creates a realm of opulent absurdity, offering an escape from the harsh realities of adulthood, if only for a moment. This work honors our inner children, serving as a love letter to their abandoned interests, encouraging the commencement of a healing journey for us all.

Newell Catania is a rising senior at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She is currently focused on an exploration of nostalgia, fascinated by the ways it can relate to interpersonal connection. Newell observes maximalist principles, creating kitschy and whimsical wearables to distract viewers from the frequently painful monotony of adult life.

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