Ryan Send


Sussex, WI, United States

45 x 55 x 30 inches

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Gravity is a site specific installation that uses traditional blacksmithing techniques to create seemingly dropping and melting steel “organisms.” These creatures come from dark portals fixed on the walls and emerge from pedestal-like boxes; shelves and platforms stretch out to meet the organisms as they fall; all are disguised to act like extensions of the surrounding environment. I fabricated the dripping creatures in a way that visually exaggerates the effects of gravity. This creates a visual fallacy between the steel’s natural rigidity and attached condition. The impression of the laws of physics on the organism cements the work in own environment. Each swarm of creature’s envelopes inconsistencies of the space, camouflaging themselves into and calling attention to the imperfections of the space: a large pillar that obstructs the viewer’s gaze. By centralizing the off moments with the blacksmithed forms, I’m bringing these deformities to the level of a decorative object.

Ryan received his Masters in Fine Arts degree from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2023. He is current artist-in-resident at the Villa Terrace Decorative Art Museum. Ryan will be teaching several metal smithing and blacksmithing workshops for the College for Kids program at UW-Milwaukee. This fall, Ryan will be a high school art teacher.

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