Hellebore Trio

April Ottey


April Ottey
Port Townsend, WA, United States

12 x 5 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: April Ottey

I cast, fabricate and incorporate the textures and intricate forms found in the natural world to create jewelry that places nature into a new context. These pieces allow people the opportunity to appreciate nature from a new perspective – and to marvel at the connection between form and function that is the foundational basis of nature. I cast these three hellebore to capture the intricate details found in the blooms. I want to encourage people to really see the forms in nature and reflect on the world around us.

April Ottey is an artist living in Port Townsend, WA. She creates contemporary jewelry inspired by the natural world. Her close up inspection of various stages of birth, growth, death and decay in forests, rivers and beaches has shaped who she is as an artist.

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