Ayala Naphtali


Ayala Naphtali Jewelry
New York, NY, United States

18" length 9" X 4"

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Photo credit: Debra Adelson

ˈhɛspərəs/; Ancient Greek
In Greek mythology, Hesperus, the evening star, was a divine figure associated with the waning light of day. The planetary play of the elements and their relationship with each other in an abstract composition inspired the piece.
This work is a sterling silver neckpiece with dyed coconut shell discs. Each element is formed and fabricated. The coconut shell is heat-treated and dyed bringing rich textures and color to the piece. The slight curve to the elements sits gracefully on the body.

Ayala Naphtali is a jeweler/metalsmith and Co-founder of Adornxis curatorial. My studio is in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In my work, I’ve developed a vocabulary of elements from the materials I explore. Each piece evolves as these elements inhabit the space in a biomorphic composition.

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