Homocapitalism I

Nathan Carroll


Lubbock, Texas, United States

13" x 21" x .25"

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With my recent work, Homocapitilism, I seek to question the traditional American nuclear family and how this has changed over time by incorporating contemporary queer imagery. Homocapitalism is a laser-cut Bullhide neckpiece that is inspired by the white picket fence and the American ideals of masculinity and money that it holds. The pickets are replaced with penises, which are stitched together with bright green stitching to represent the money that flows through American capitalist ideals’ veins.

I am a contemporary jewelry and metalsmith artist working in mixed media and new technologies. My current research focuses on my identity of being a gay man living in the Southern United States to explore the intersection between queer theory and capitalism (Homocapitalism).

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