I am the North

Tabitha Ott


Tabitha Ott Jewelry
Cayce, SC, United States

1 x 1 x .5 inches each

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Photo credit: Artist

I am the North, 2021
[Sterling silver and repurposed acrylic]
[Circunis and Ursa Minor]

As the needle in the compass is true to the north, what is rightfully mine is true to me. I am the North! – from Florence Scovel Shinn’s
Your Word is Your Wand

My current research involves investigations into metaphysics and philosophy. In my work, I use symbolism and unorthodox material relationships to incite curiosity and excite the imagination. I aim to further understand myself, others, my environment, and the meaning of existence. My work is a communication of this journey toward enlightenment.

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