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Brenda Schweder


Brenda Schweder Jewelry
Sahuarita, AZ, United States

14" x 14" x 3"

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Photo credit: Brenda Schweder

Brenda Schweder spins narratives of reinvention—curating and recombobulating disparate found objects into jewelry-sculpture [or sculpture-jewelry] and building new stories of whimsy, silly, and sass!

When charged at a young age with arranging the flotsam of her Grandma Mae’s bureau-top [her grandmother was a pro at making kids feel important with busy work], she began a lifelong love of making chess-like moves with disparate objects and pieces of everyday life in order to create new narratives. She still re-tells the tales of forgotten and discarded elements in her life’s path [sometimes literally via her walksam grabs] through a new lens, using texture, a secret code of color, and minimal engineering.

This process of re-creation invites viewers to spin their own endings to my carefully arrayed, but half-told fables. In this way, a conversation begins, and we all become storytellers!

Brenda Schweder is a juried wearable jewelry artist/sculptor, winning international placements in shows across Europe, and shows across the continent. Schweder was awarded as a Top 5 Innovator [‘22] by Interweave for her achievements as designer, author, teacher, influencer, and tool inventor.

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