I remember Colors (mangrove)

Raquel Bessudo


Mexico City, , Mexico

3.03 x 2.3 x .393 in

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Photo credit: Felipe Flores

Through my work, I explore the quotidian, my everyday relationship with what surrounds me — little and intimate happenings or places that inspire me and become an intrinsic part of my work.
How the experience of a place makes me feel? What is in that instant that lights the spark of inspiration in me? What provokes the longing of that instant?
Wanting to answer those questions is what detonates in me the need to create.
Inspired by places or moments is the starting point for developing; I allude to memories, whether a blurry silhouette or a reference to a site. But ideas form in the present; I am conscious that even though I want to hold on to those memories, they gradually become more distant as the piece tells its own story.

Raquel Bessudo is a Contemporary jeweller who works and lives in Mexico City. Her pieces have a strong link to textiles and, more recently, have been experimenting with painting and mixed media. Her work's development strongly connects to the conceptual development of ideas.

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