If I Were in the Woods Today

Todd Conover


Todd Conover Metal Works
Syracuse, NY, United States

Pendant, 5.75x3"

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Photo credit: Todd Conover

Keeping my creative process alive and exciting requires a response to techniques that yield unexpected results. In the case of this piece, the technique of fusing and reticulation of sterling silver into base material was what I then responded to. The response to the material puts in motion a sequence of rapid “gut” decisions and additions to the base element that evolves into a finished piece. Shaping, connecting, forging, fusing, experimental texture and patina are hallmarks of my work and I always strive to create something that is unique and always one of a kind.

While I don't typically set out to produce work with preconceived conceptual meanings; my work is certainly a vehicle for expression of memory and experience.

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