Atinuke Adeleke


Frisco, Texas, United States

1.57 X .9 X 1.51 inches approx.

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My artistic practice centers around personal history, connection and identity. I reflect on my experience as a Nigerian who has lived on three continents thus far and how those experiences have led to the deconstruction, reassembly and hybridization of my identity.

As an artist, the process of making represents and resolves my internal conflicts. I am inspired by the convergence of the past and present, traditional cultural practices and modern processes, my Nigerian and Colonial/Western culture.

My work pays homage to my tribe of origin, Yoruba, whilst redefining and exploring the hybridity that exists as a result of cross-cultural influences that are prominent in our world today.

I incorporate varying objects and materials such as jewelry, sculpture, wood, metal and fiber. This integration speaks to the multicultural existence of the world I live in, the interrelationship between Nigeria and the West.

Atinuke Osibogun-Adeleke is a designer and interdisciplinary artist. Her current body of work includes sculpture and fiber pieces that incorporate the traditional culture and practices of the place she once called home (Nigeria), western traditional woodworking techniques, and modern processes such as CAD, 3d printing, and CNC routing.

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