Xinyi Li


West New York, NJ, United States


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Photo credit: Xinyi Li

Human history is formed by the analysis and transformation of nature through the sensual activity of man. In fact, the history of man is also the history of nature, which is formed by taking nature as the material premise. In Hobbesian Equality, Thomas Hobbes proposed “the Whole Nature of Man”, which indicates that we come from nature and follow the influence that nature brings to us. Nature is prior and provides the material basis for the creation of human history, and this has led to the development of human civilization in the shadow of nature.
I combine in my work an integral part of the development of human civilization with the treasures of nature, that is, flowers and art, thus expressing the close connection between nature and history. I use copper sheets and different forming techniques to create the flower shape. Each flower is accompanied by a single petal which can be worn as a brooch .

Xinyi Li, graduated from Pratt Institute, majoring in Jewelry Design and minoring in Art History. She was born in Gansu, China, and currently lives and works in New York. Her work is inspired by nature and art, as well as Chinese traditional culture. Xinyi was featured in the NYCJW Exhibition "HERE & NOW", the Adornaxis Exhibition "Matter of Form”

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