In Honor of Her Honor

Bridget Parlato


Full Circuit Studio / Jewelry
Baltimore, MD, United States

37” l x 17” w x 1/4” d

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Photo credit: Bridget Parlato

(1000 paper beads cut from the dissenting opinions of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

This piece is a lace collar/warrior breastplate comprised of 1000 paper beads cut from the dissenting cases of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is both a dedication to the honorable Supreme Justice and a symbol of encouragement for women everywhere to find and use their voices to speak for themselves, social justice, environmental justice, inequality and parity.

Ginsburg was a warrior, using her voice to speak out about issues she felt strongly about in an effort to pursue fairness, equality, and equity. She was diligent, thorough and had an incredible work ethic.

My interdisciplinary work is largely purpose-driven, reaching through the daily tasks of living to connect with the viewer. Through messaging, compositional narratives and the re-purposing of materials, my work starts conversations about a variety of environmental and social injustice issues such as gun violence, grief and aging,

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