Intentional Serendipity #3

Yael Magnes


Yael Magnes Art Jewelry
Brooklyn, NY, United States
2015 - 2019

9'' x 5.5'' x 1.25''

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Photo credit: Yael Magnes

In my current collection Intentional serendipity, I look at “scribbles” of hair hanging on a bathroom wall. This hair, considered unappealing and even repulsive, prompts me to look openly and question my inherent reaction, allowing a redefinition of my learned perception of beauty and transforming these scribbled shapes into art pieces. By presenting each piece in a physical frame I am giving it a home, inviting the viewer to ask some of my persisting questions – Is this art? Is this design? Is this jewelry? Where does this item belong?

Yael Magnes is an award-winning metalsmith, artist, and designer. She was born in 1975 in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine. Following her degree in jewelry design at Shenkar College, she opened an independent jewelry studio in Tel Aviv. She moved to Brooklyn NYC in 2005, and since 2010 is pursuing her passion for conceptual art jewelry.

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