Iris Sunset

Pamela Ritchie


Halifax, NS, Canada

10.8 h x 8.7 w x .7 d inches

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Photo credit: artist

Iris Sunset
Behind the continuing evolution for this body of work is a complicated jumble of material exploration, visual representation, fantasy and nostalgia.

Working through materials to explore form and colour, without a specific expectation, my intent was to expand the materiality to include content and meaning as the physicality of the object became real.

While looking at local landscapes and gardens I drew images that ultimately became unfamiliar and unidentifiable as such. This led me to imagine them as alien; consequently, I used vibrant colours and surface treatments to support the notion of an imaginary place or seedling where life might sprout in unexpected ways.

Winner of the 2017 Saidye Bronfman Award, Pamela Ritchie’s jewellery brings together traditional craft processes, contemporary ideas of science and culture, and the language of materials. The Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Nova Scotia Art Bank are among the major institutional collectors of her work.

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