Joy Series#2

Nancy Klotz


nk jewel art
New York, New York, United States

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Photo credit: Nancy Klotz

The piece I am submitting does along with my interest in shapes forms and textures. It also encompasses my love of color. It is a necklace that is like a series of little paintings or sculptures . I made this in part out of a desire to make something that brings joy. It brought me joy to make it and to see the finished piece. I hope it brings joy to whomever wears it. I believe we are at a point in our day to day lives where we are in need of some joy. This is part of the beginning of a series of such pieces

I trained as a painter, but have also been a maker of jewelryI am inspired by nature and organic forms. They seem to spring automatically from my mind. I am mostly self taught with some study with Sayumi Yokouchi, HJ Laber, and Janna Gregonis. I do two types of work. I do art jewelry but find I need to support this with a more conventional line

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