Kite Brooch

Mavis Chen


Halifax, NS, Canada

3.2 x 3.5 x 2

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Photo credit: Mavis Chen

Throughout my way pursuing a degree in Jewellery and metalsmith, I find myself owning so much more than before. I gained skills in the disciplines, am spiritually wealthier, built my network in the professions, and made friends with whom I share the same passion. My life became colorful as being able to soak in the art atmosphere every day, and it still feels dreamy. So I used kites in the clouds as a metaphor. The gradation on the kites are offering the sense of being surrounded by the clouds, which respond to the silver cloud pinback.

Mavis Chen is a jewellery and holloware artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Mavis finds with her interdisciplinary design background, she is able to look at Jewellery and Holloware design from a different perspective, as she is always inspired by graphics and illustrations.

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