Koi and Lotus

Ling Ling Moorman


LLM Exclusive
Fort Smith, AR, United States

2 x 1.5 inches

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Photo credit: Ling Ling Moorman

“Koi and Lotus”-「年年有餘-niannian youyu」
— May there be abundance of happiness and prosperity every year.

The Chinese word for “fish”, 「魚- yú 」is a homophone for “abundance”, “plenty”, and “affluence” 「餘- yú」therefore, fishes are a symbol of wealth.
The koi 「錦鯉魚- jinliyu」is synonymous with harmony and happiness. The two yin and yang koi complete each other and create a perfect balance of the negative and positive energies of chi energy, which is the life-force of all things on earth.
The lotus 「蓮花- lianhua」 flower symbolize ultimate purity of heart and mind, spiritual growth and awakening.

I love creating wearable art, constantly struggling finding my roots and sharing my soul.

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