Kokeshi Collection

Christen Coomer


Deodata Design
Seattle, WA, United States

5.25" x 2" x 2"

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Photo credit: Christen Coomer

Inspired by a love of the traditional Japanese wooden dolls, the Kokeshi Match Keep is a decorative object with a hidden, yet delightful function. A playful match-like shape herself, the silver and copper girl sparks a subtle interest until the cast finial flame atop her head is raised to reveal a celebration of colorful matches within.

The Matchbox Brooch carries the hidden playful nature of the kokeshi into the wearable realm. Much like the match keep, this simpler box features a fabricated finial flame which serves as an interactive touchpoint for the wearer. In a gesture akin to striking a match along the side, the wearer may raise the flame to open the box and reveal the multicolored matches within.

The Matchstick Earrings convey the essence of these ideas in their most basic form. Here the playfulness comes about when worn and dangling with the movement of the wearer. Perhaps she herself becomes the elegant kokeshi when adorned with this striking set.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Deodata Jewelry is handcrafted and inspired by personal histories and cherished objects. I'm Christen Coomer and Deodata was my grandmother. She inspired my first creative business. Today Deo’s inspiration lives on in the form of Deodata Design, a convergence of experiences, stories, and cultural reflections in metal.

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