Laughable Loves: Kiss Vessel

Susan Ewing


InterAlia Design Studio LLC
Oxford, OH, United States

6 x 8 x 6"

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Photo credit: Jeffrey Sabo

I create works that play with the traditional materials, processes and typologies of metalsmithing, but often with a twist of dark humor. I typically create works in series that play with familiar forms and themes. Subtle metaphors are integrated into the narrative and symbolic imagery. The “Laughable Loves” series references the English literary translation of the collection of short stories by the late Czech author Milan Kundera.

Kiss Vessel’s orifice is defined by ‘lips’ cast in sterling silver from traditional Czech Christmas cookie molds; the vessel body is also cast, in bronze, but from a mold created from one of my smithed copper vessel bodies. The form is patinated grey-black with found Bohemian garnet ‘blemishes’ embedded in the surface.

Susan Ewing lives and works in Oxford, Ohio, where she owns and manages InterAlia Design Studio, LLC and Studio SEVN, LLC. Her studio’s creative works in metal range from the miniature to the monumental, encompassing jewelry, tabletop design, and public works of sculpture.

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