Lessons Beyond Lazaretto: Tontine

Jack da Silva


Jack da Silva Metal Design Studio
Pinole, CA, United States

6" x 6" x 7"

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Photo credit: M. Lee Fatherree

Lessons Beyond Lazaretto: Tontine represents transitioning decades of an in person hands-on course, restructured for teaching remotely online. With persistence, ingenuity, patience, humor and loaned tool kits, we found our way. In fact, I am proud of what they have produced!

I selected Pi as a central element to represent research, analysis, the development and sharing of knowledge. Geometric symbols pierced into the Copper Vessel are positioned around the rim with a pierced triangle and a circle followed by a pierced square. This references the first three digits of Pi: 3.14. Proportions of the vessel and thickness of the copper sheet extend this correlation to the first six digits of Pi: 3.14159.

The Sterling Cuff, seen from directly above creates a reflection onto the planished texture of the coper vessel. This bends light to create a visual reference to the letter C, as in ‘Covid’.

For the Lazaretto Structure, lumber pencils are a metaphor for community, society and institutions

Jack da Silva owns and operates the Jack da Silva’s Metal Arts Studio. He serves as Professor, Jewelry Metal Arts at City College of San Francisco in California. Jack’s work is represented in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK and the Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, South Korea; as well as collections in Portugal, Indiana, Tennessee and more.

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